Our system emulates proven strategies used by financial institutions on Wall Street. All our positions are fully hedged and diversified. Diversification of trades across different assets decreases risk. Hedging positions protects our capital by recouping the investment fully or partially in case of unexpected downside moves. By hedging, we allow ourselves the opportunity to make money every time we trade, whilst always protecting most of our capital when we don’t.

The newsletter is designed to create a diversified portfolio of ETFs in batches of 100 shares. As of today, the minimum capital needed to utilize the newsletter is $60,000.

Our strategy typically achieves 10% per year. Please note that no performance metric is guaranteed. See our terms of service for details.

Wealth management firms and fund managers charge a management fee (typically 2%) and take around 20% of all profits. This means that the fund must perform highly to actually see a return on your investment. By taking your own trades, you avoid these fees. What’s more, you learn to trade like the professionals do. Rudi Wealth charges a flat monthly fee, regardless of the overall capital amount.

You should sign-up for brokerage margin account with option approval level 3 or higher. Any brokerage account may be used with the newsletter. However, we recommend a low cost platform such as Interactive Brokers or TD Ameritrade.

The strategy is a trend following system that buys dips within the prevailing trend. Hedging and diversification ensures a statistically proven win rate. As a part of the strategy we own major ETFs and write covered CALLs. We also short cash covered PUTs and buy long PUTs for protection.

Our alerts cover equities (SPY, EFA), gold (GLD), bonds (TLT), oil (XOP) and real estate (IYR) and their underlying stock options.

The strategy covers a set of historically uncorrelated assets. Also, long or short positions are taken in ETFs and are hedged by buying put or call options in the corresponding ETFs.

The trades span several weeks to months, cutting out short term noise.

You will receive on average 10 trades a week, covering different asset classes.

The strategy involves buying ETFs and selling options. So, it can never be predicted when ETF prices will change to show significant results, but the results can be estimated with options. Usually, we sell options that expire 1-2 months ahead. Most of the time the price of the options we sell will reduce significantly because of time decay of the options, so you should be able to see results then.

The subscription to the newsletter will cost you $100 per month. This investment will reward you with exceptional stock market alerts to secure your consistent passive income and will keep your investment risks under control. It will give you the transparency you need, and allow you to withdraw your money at any time.