Rudi Wealth was set up by Ruben Hakopian, a veteran computer scientist from the Bay Area. After earning a Ph.D. in Computer Science, Ruben went on to work as a software engineer. He worked for a variety of tech-focused start-ups and publicly listed companies. Since he was always interested in the financial markets, Ruben discovered that his skills in computer science are directly transferable to trading. So, he undertook to learn the technical and fundamental aspects of trading ETFs and options. His aim was to grow his capital. Ruben went on better. He developed a strategy that both grew his capital and provided him extra income.

Having developed a winning strategy complete with protective hedging, Ruben had created a system that provided outsized investment returns. What is more, he developed an investment strategy which makes his capital work for him, without having to constantly monitor the markets. Therefore, he found that this system allowed for consistent profits year in, year out. Not only was it consistently profitable and with minimal drawdowns, it provided outsized returns during periods of intense market volatility. As a result, he didn’t just survive turbulence but succeeded in turning risk into a major opportunity. With diversification and hedging, Ruben discovered the professional approach to trading. As a result, he developed the kind of strategy that Wall Street would rather the public didn’t know.

Ruben decided to offer his system to the public. Through his stock investment newsletter, he and his fellow traders reveal their exact trades. Not only that, they share their hedging strategy, complete with options strike prices and expirations.

The result?

A community of individuals reaping the benefits of a professional trading approach not normally available to the public. The investment newsletter allows individual traders and investors to take optimal trades. Furthermore, it enables them to feel protection against sudden downside moves. This minimizes risk whilst maintaining significant upside potential. That is the key to securing long-term profits. To this day, Ruben works as a senior software engineer and he knows the value of simplicity in complexity. The Rudi Wealth newsletter does exactly that, turning complex trading concepts into clear instructions.

Now you can benefit from Ruben’s expertise and trade like the professionals do.

To learn more about Ruben Hakopian, read his LinkedIn profile.